20 January 2023

Costa Instant Millionaires Mocha (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Costa Instant Millionaire’s Mocha

Last week I tried out one of the Starbucks drinks that you make yourself at home, so it seemed only fair that I try something similar from their competition. I picked up this box of Millionaire’s Mocha in Tesco, took it home, and put the kettle on. I had a little look at the box, trying to work out what the difference between a mocha and a millionaire’s mocha is, and I have to admit that I am still not sure. The description is mostly coffee and chocolate; all good but that is your standard mocha. There is a mention of vanilla, but that doesn’t sound so exciting, I can’t even see any caramel hinted at. Oh well, the taste may still blow my mind.

I mixed the sachet up with hot water and had to stir, then went back to it after thirty seconds, as per the instructions, and stirred again. The drink had lumps on top, and I had to stir it quite a bit. Even then, when I walked into the other room with my cup, a few more had appeared on top.

The flavour was good, there was lots of chocolate and coffee, and it was a nice soothing drink on a cold day. I thought the balance of coffee and chocolate was right, and I will look forward to the other sachets in the box. In conclusion, I still have no idea what ingredient is supposed to make this a millionaire’s mocha, it is certainly a mocha and a nice one at that. The extra stirring and the lumps didn’t make it feel special, though.

Costa Instant Millionaire’s Mocha

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