13 January 2023

Hawaiian Punch Cotton Candy (Candy Mail) By @Cinabar

Hawaiian Punch Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is the American term for candy floss in the United Kingdom. It is easier to find more interesting flavours of candy floss from abroad, so I always keep an eye out when browsing import shops. This particular flavour is labelled as Hawaiian Punch but also as Fruit Juicy Red. I googled it, and Hawaiian Punch is a soft drink, presumably available in different flavours such as Fruit Juicy Red.

I opened up the bag, and the Hawaiian Punch Cotton Candy is light pink in colour, which is actually a traditional UK colour for the sweets. The red fruit flavour adds a unique twist to the traditional sugar flavour, giving it a more fruity and refreshing taste. I could pick up on apple, but I thought cherries too despite them not being pictured. The texture of the cotton candy is light and fluffy, making it easy to eat. The red fruit flavour is also well balanced, not too sweet or overpowering. Overall, it's a fun and delicious treat, and I am already looking forward to finding another flavour. Candy floss is seriously underrated here in the UK, and we need more interesting varieties.

Hawaiian Punch Cotton Candy

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