4 January 2023

Eat Real Chilli & Lemon Lentil Chips (Local Shop) By @SpectreUK

Eat Real Chilli & Lemon Lentil Chips

I'm trying and pretty much failing to be good. I had too much left over cake last night, so I decided to try a healthier snack with my lunch today. These new look Eat Real Chilli & Lemon Lentil Chips have 30% less fat, which is probably good considering I have been eating way too much cheese and fatty foods over the last week or so.

You have to indulge at least a little over the holidays, especially as there are so many snacks, and cake and lots of booze around. I plan to be naughty again next week with my snacking and have a big bag of Onion Bhaji snacks, but this week it's on with the lentil chips. Besides, I haven't had a bad bag of lentil chips yet, I stress the yet.

After all my weight lifting I must admit I couldn't open the packet. I nearly wrenched my poor old shoulder out. I gave up and used some scissors in the end. Ever so slightly embarrassing. Thanks for the confidence booster Eat Real.

Eat Real Chilli & Lemon Lentil Chips

On finally breaking into the packet, there was a good sharp lemon and spicy chilli aroma from the reddened lentil chips inside. On taste these Eat Real Chilli & Lemon Lentil Chips were certainly very crunchy. They had a lemon zing to start with and a spicy medium to hot chilli burn to finish. These lentil chips definitely had a really good chilli heat to them. They went perfectly well with my cooling tuna sandwich, and I'll certainly be having them again sometime soon. I'll just have to remember to keep the scissors close to hand.

Information on the packet; The 22g packet contained 101 calories, 3.9g of fat, 0.3g of sugar, 2.5g of protein, and 0.84g of salt. Gluten free, and vegan friendly, please see photograph for the ingredients.

Eat Real Chilli & Lemon Lentil Chips

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