28 January 2023

Otter Brewery Otter Ale (Morrisons) By @SpectreUK

Otter Brewery Otter Ale

No, they didn't liquidise an otter and ferment it with malted barley and hops… well, I don't think they did anyway. This Otter Ale from the Otter Brewery close by the River Otter is possibly brewed by Otters though. They certainly used the water from the Otter spring anyway.

At 4.5% in volume, the Otters have used Devon's finest Maris Otter malt, or so the little furry fella with the tail stated on the back of the bottle, were used in the brewing. Fuggles hops and Challenger hops were also used in this brew's production. So I'm expecting a nuttiness from the malt, and some woody, and spiciness from the hops.

On opening this Otter Ale there was a nutty malt aroma from this deep brown beer. On taste this Otter Ale was surprisingly light and crisp. I say 'surprisingly' mainly from the colour of the beer, as I was expecting a more biscuity maybe even burnt toast flavour. Here light sweet malted barley notes of nuttiness touched my tastebuds to begin with, followed closely by a light spice and a mild woodiness into the aftertaste.

I found this Otter Ale light, crisp and refreshing. It perfectly washed down the Lamb Jalfrezi Cinabar and her mom had cooked all day in the Slow Cooker. Oh, and no Otters were harmed during the making of this beer, or the writing of this blog. However, they do work very hard, those Otters do.

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