14 January 2023

Twice as Nice Double IPA (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Twice as Nice Double IPA (Aldi)

"What beer are you writing about?" Cinabar asked me earlier.

"Twice as Nice, just like me," I replied. 

Then Cinabar gave me a funny look. Charming, I thought, although I have spent the last two weeks with a rotten flu and feeling like a beer with a sore head, so I can't blame her.

This 6.6% in volume Twice as Nice is a double IPA and it was produced by The Hop Foundry. A double India Pale Ale or Imperial IPA is an American West Coast style beer. It is usually all about the hops and is typically higher in alcohol by volume (ABV) than a usual IPA. Of course, this beer I'm writing about today will be Twice as Nice as any other Imperial IPA I've tried in the past, well, we'll see.

On opening the can there was a strong blast of herbal hops, with biscuity barley malt underneath. On pouring this deep bronze India Pale Ale created a healthy frothy head. The bitter bite of herbal hops began my taste experience, and quite a bite there was indeed. Moreish to the extreme this flavoursome Twice as Nice certainly packed a full punch of hops with those sweet biscuit barley malt flavours moving into the aftertaste. This beer had promise to be rather good washing down my takeaway from the local chippy. I'll have to try and sip it whilst I wait for the delivery.

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