10 January 2023

Vimto Zero Fruit Drops (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Vimto Zero Fruit Drops

I found the Vimto marshmallows that I wrote about the other week at a petrol station, and after that blog post went up, Vimto very kindly sent me a box of their new boiled sweets, Vimto Zero Fruit Drops, to try too. I love Vimto, we regularly buy it at home, and it is one of our favourite drinks. I’m really pleased to find them moving into the sweets market, and I absolutely loved the marshmallows, so I was keen to try this packet of sweets.

The Vimto Zero Fruit Drops are in a small box, so they're perfect to fit in a pocket or handbag. They are pink-coloured oval-shaped sweets. I gave one a try, and the initial flavour seemed a little muted, but quickly developed into the yummy Vimto flavour that I associate with the drink. There were lots of berries, and the sweets were sweet and super refreshing. They're also sugar-free, which makes them ideal for a January treat if you're watching your calories after Christmas but still have a sweet tooth like me. 

Vimto Zero Fruit Drops

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