22 January 2023

Whistling/Singing Swede - dinner for 25p (ish) by @NLi10

The 'junk food' (as in left over) place near me had a massive box of swedes a while back so I thought I'd take their recommendations and have one for dinner! 

The idea is that you take off the cellophane and pop it in the microwave for 2x8 mins (flipping half way).  I put a cross on the top but thats mostly for my own amusement.

It's just a big bit of plant! It does feel a bit Baldrick having this for dinner - but it's a good honest root veg - and at 25p it's a bargain.

The 'Junk food' place is donations not prices so I got it in a bundle with the mash and a few other bits and bobs and gave them a little more than the orange sticker prices as it's a great cause.

Luna got up to see what the noise in the microwave was, and to distract from the ipad gaming.

And eventually it looks like this!

Cooked all the way through with practically no effort - and in theory quite cheap.

Here are two scooped out quarters - doesn't look like much - but it's an exciting carbohydrate to have as a balanced meal.

Sam went veggie - pine nuts, cheese & then swede and mash.

I went for the swede and mash base, but then added tomatoes and lots of left over deli meats. Yum!

I've been recommended horse radish for the next one and I've already got it on the worktop ready.

A definite win if you like the earthy taste of swedes.

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