8 January 2023

Terry's Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs at Birmingham Hippodrome Panto (@NLi10)

We went to the Panto this weekend which was great - if you are in Birmingham and have a spare evening then take the family to the Hippodrome to see Dick Wittington.  Some great effects and a decent enough 'script' and some good celebs (Marti from Wet Wet Wet & Dr Ranj from kids TV) to sing the songs.

My partner bought these Terry's Chocolate Orange mini eggs to snack on during the show, and I managed to steal a few. 

Me in the foyer - can't put it first else Insta puts this as the headline picture.

They look a bit like you are handing out illicit substances, or brightly coloured peanuts in this lighting but are a good size for the theatre.

And they do taste like a chocolate orange, but in a nice crispy shell (so you don't get melty chocolate everywhere) and have a good mix of textures.

The show is about to start though so take your places and stop rustling those wrappers! And get ready to boo the baddies.

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