11 January 2023

Howdah Onion Bhaji (Deli on the Square, Ludlow) By @SpectreUK

Howdah Onion Bhaji

I'm having a greedy lunch today. I'm going to write about these Howdah Onion Bhaji crisps. It's a big packet, and I'm going to eat the lot. I'm kidding myself a little that I'm being healthy(ish) by eating the whole packet with a tuna and tomato salad. I'll also have some fruit and a protein yoghurt to finish. So, sort of of healthy.

These Howdah Onion Bhaji crisps were made predominantly of semolina, which I believe is a new one for me. Produced in half moon shapes, which is a shape that rather pleases me as a Moonchild, each packet sold provides a school lunch for a child somewhere. The back of the packet states that these crisps have a "mellow onion flavour, with zesty lemon, turmeric, and a kick of chilli." It's a shame I don't have a beer handy to wash them down with.

Howdah Onion Bhaji

On opening the packet there was a mild curry aroma from the inside of the bag. These semolina crisps were very crunchy indeed. You can see from the photograph they were a solid rounded crescent in shape. They had a mild curry flavour to start with, and then a little onion and quite a medium to hot kick, as they say, from the chillis. These Howdah Onion Bhaji crescents left a lovely chilli burn in my mouth and a flavour of curry and onions into the aftertaste. I shall definitely have to pop back to Ludlow sometime and get some more.

Information on the packet; The 150g packet has 123 calories per 25g, with 5g of fat, 1.8g of sugar, 3g of protein, and 0.32g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Howdah Onion Bhaji

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