1 January 2023

Slim Noodles - Hoisin & Garlic - New Years Diet! (@nli10)

Happy New Year! As part of the post-celebrations a lot of people decide to make healthier choices in the new year.

We picked up these Slim Noodles as part of a meal kit - mainly because they were in the sale.

Holland and Barrett have a lot of things like this that I would happily put in the ‘woo’ section but they are often quite tasty and filling if prepared properly. It’s genuinely not a good idea to calorie restrict without a good reason or plan ( even the NHS doesn’t fund a lot of these crash diet schemes now as they just don’t work long term).

That said - it certainly is a good idea to increase the amount of nutrients per calorie that you consume - and these are quite smart. The noodles aren’t really noodles, and have an odd bean-like texture. And the extra veggies that go in with the sauce and Quorn mean that instead of a bachelor chow noodle pot you make a nice little meal for two.


The sauce had a decent flavour and the veggies had crunch - and it was easy to prepare.

Just chuck the things in the pan!

You have to rince the noodles but that’s easy enough

The veggies and sauce are all pre packaged but I added some more frozen veg with the Quorn

If you want to claim my free cookbook then go ahead! I’m not sure why it’s called eat water…

The konjac noodles are the star, even if I didn’t bother with the kits again I’d certainly want more of these noodles

And here’s the back of the box, sorry the photos went up in the wrong order but I think it worked out.

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