7 January 2023

La Chouffe Beer (Tesco) By @SpectreUK

La Chouffe Beer

I need cheering up. I caught a rotten cold from somewhere and feel awful. I know it's a cold, as I've tested for other things. I probably caught it from the gym. Perhaps a gnome gave it to me. The one on this bottle of La Chouffe seems cheeky enough to have done so. La Chouffe Loosely translates to imp in French, as gnome is the same word in French apparently, even though there's one on the bottle.

The ingredients for this Belgian beer was first discovered by gnomes and written down in an ancient grimoire, if you believe the website. La Chouffe is a blonde ale with coriander seeds added in the brewing for a little spice. The gnome on the front of the bottle is celebrating La Chouffe's 40th Birthday. So, Happy Birthday, you little imp.

On opening the bottle there was a citrus hoppy smell with sweet malted barley just behind it, and an impish spice of coriander at the back of the aroma. This beer should go rather well with my healthy salmon, veg and potatoes meal. On taste this La Chouffe had a wall of spice from the coriander to start with, almost peppery in initial flavour, mixed with a bitter citrus hop, followed slowly behind dragging its heals was the sweet barley malt.

I really liked this strong 8% in volume La Chouffe blonde beer for its unusual flavours. It washed down my healthy salmon meal a treat, and helped to sooth my poor aching head. Cheers.

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