2 January 2023

Vimto Marshmallows (Petrol Station) By @Cinabar

Vimto Fizzy Marshmallows

I always have my eye open for marshmallows, but I don’t normally expect to spot them at the local petrol station. I do search the import shops for interesting ones from abroad, where I usually buy American marshmallows as they have interesting shapes and flavours. I wouldn’t have gone to the garage there looking for even plain marshmallows, so these were a pleasant surprise. I did, however, have my eyes open, and I did get a little excited to see these Vimto Marshmallows. The lady behind the till also reassured me that she had tried them and that they were really good. I opened up the bag and found that the marshmallows were purple and two-toned. They are quite pretty.

I gave one a try and realised that these marshmallows are fizzy and, as such, super zingy. The fluffy texture was good, soft, but it still had a bit of give. The coating around them was where the fizziness came from. I loved all the berry tones from the Vimto drink that were mixed in, and I loved the sour tingle from the flavour. I think these might be a little too flavourful to go with hot chocolate, but perhaps the contrast will be nice. I’ll try that out later!

Vimto Fizzy Marshmallows

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