26 January 2023

Huel - premade banana - new years resolution in a bottle (@NLi10)

 It's that time of year again folks - when I remember the original function for the pot I use to eat crisps at work was to make Huel lunches and wonder if I should start again.

For those that haven't come across the brand/cult yet it's pretty decent meal replacement drinks and grains, that are full of a lot of things that bodies crave.  And they are usually pretty good value too.

This is one of the pre-made bottles that is more expensive but better mixed so a perfect example of 'do I like this' before you buy the big bags.

Not sure i'd ever bothered with the banana so I figured I'd try it out ahead of potentially ordering some of the new flavours for work.

They really do contain everything in one bottle.

And the ingredients do give decent sources - it's not all just sprayed on like with cereal.

It does look like goop.

But - as always the texture is fine, and the smell and taste are pretty good.  I'd stick to the red flavours (and vanilla) but as a one off this was quite a nice banana variant.

I'm still convinced the milkshakes are not the star and want them to sell the grain pots in smaller portions (but as it's warm it's a bit harder to justify).  Guess I'll just have to place an order soon.

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