29 January 2023

Marmite Crunchy Peanut Butter - all in the same jar (@NLi10)

My friends at the Junk Food Project often encourage me to try new things - especially if they are trying to get rid of them!  One that was practically thrust into my bag is this jar of Marmite - and jar of crunchy peanut butter - which happen to be the same jar.

I'm not incredibly sure why this exists. Peanut butter is one of those things that people often tell me that they really dislike - and Marmite is also one of those things that a lot of people hate - so the real question is do those groups overlap so you've got a lovely large target market, or are they almost mutually exclusive and the target market is very very small?  And doesn't everyone like a different strength of Marmite anyway?  And I thought smooth peanut butter was more popular?!

Yum - 87% peanuts and 10% yeast extract. And 15 servings seems optimistic, surely you want a lot of this in each go.

And the jar looks decent - very oily though - so much separation and that's possibly due to the extra, unnecessary oil.  A quick stir and then we can spread it out!

Crunchy really doesn't spread that well at all - but then with the extra stickiness of the marmite even the smooth bits kinda don't work much.

So I guess this is all about the flavour - I'm not averse to mixed up flavours - peanut butter with chocolate is fantastic.  Most people go 'eurgh' at that one until you remind them that's called a Snickers.
I'm not sure that even I have added Marmite to peanut butter voluntarily though - it's a little bit of a salt overload.  It does work though - usually the store brand peanut butters add salt as a third ingredient (the other two ingredients being peanuts & violence) but here they've not needed to.  And they've clearly tried to tune the Marmite down to keep the saltiness in check - but still failed.

I love swirly Marmite, with strong bits and mild bits, that's how I eat the stuff. Here - its just the same 'power' the whole way through - and if that's the exact strength of Marmite you have AND you love peanut butter AND you want it crunchy then this is perfect for you.  For me - I'd prefer if this was Marmite Ripple and the strength wasn't homogenous, and I'd probably like the crunchy bits to be a little smaller.

All this said - it's not going to be a challenge to finish this jar - it's salty goodness is brilliant on toast.  But - I think the reason that this jar was handed to me is that I'm in the right spot on the food taste diagram to get the most out of this, and I'd much rather just get an extra spoon dirty and have my favourite peanut butter with my own level of Marmite.


Anonymous said...

Peanut butter and chocolate on bread (in Holland we have various sorts of chocolate sprinkles especially for on slices of bread) is lovely!
Peanut butter with soy sauce on noodles is lovely too. I guess this is similar to the Marmite version. regards, Nicolet (Holland)

NLi10 said...

YES - soy sauce on peanuts is the basis of a lot of eastern cooking and doing the same on toast is awesome :)