3 January 2023

Mars Honeycomb Flavoured With Salted Caramel (Candy Mail) By @cinabar

Mars Honeycomb Flavoured With Salted Caramel

This bar's flavour is almost too long to fit on the wrapper. Was there an argument between the next limited edition being salted caramel and someone else wanting to do honeycomb and a fight starting? I imagine some middlemen suggesting a compromise, and lo and behold, the Mars Honeycomb Flavored With Salted Caramel bar was born. Why have one flavour when you can have two?

This bar was imported from one of my favourite shops in the UK, but it originated in Australia. The wrapper is quite smart and striped to stand out; inside, the nougat layer was a lovely golden colour but apart from that, it had the usual look of Mars with a good dose of caramel. Although the flavour is very similar to Mars, there is a gorgeous golden burnt toffee taste running through it.It is a subtle change from the normal flavour but it worked very well. I could only detect a faint hint of salted caramel; there was a tiny hint of salt but nothing strong or noticeable; this was all about the cinder toffee flavor.

If there was a fight between the two flavour the honeycomb was the clear winner and a complete delight too. 

Mars Honeycomb Flavoured With Salted Caramel

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