19 January 2023

White Cadbury Creme Egg (already?!) - by @NLi10

 It's Easter!! Well - the shops think it is anyway. They have all the lovely things in stock ready so Mini Eggs are cheaper and the Cadbury Creme Eggs are fresh & runny again.

At games at a friends house I was offered first pick from a new style multi-pack.  I decided I'd already had a Cadbury's Caramel egg so I'd go for White.

Here's the science bit!

Looks like they used the same molds - so far so good.  And it has the smell of the new White Cadbury choc that Kraft have pushed out - and it's all good.

The double fondant is eggy and familiar too - and like I said - the early season ones are runny and lovely (by the summer you only get hard centred eggs left).

A hit (a smash?) and I'll be looking for that Caramel version next time to compare.

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