12 January 2023

Sainsbury's Mini Croissant Cereal - Strawberry Jam Flavour (@NLi10)

 Happy New Year - Happy New Cereal! 

I spotted this in Sainsbury's and figured it was worth a shot - I've not seen this shape in the cereal before!

It looks nicely produced and has a vague attempt at health compared to a lot of cereals - look at those green segments on the health infographic.

Still too much sugar really, but that's kind of the selling point here I guess.  Pastry isn't exactly a health food itself.

And it looks similar to the pictures too - these could easily be sold as boomerangs instead though - but I get what they are going for.

Action shot! Not sure why this blurred, maybe it's to reflect my sleepiness in the morning.  I added non-dairy milk, and some Blueberries for actual vitamins.

And... it's pretty good.  I don't think I'd automatically replace this box once finished, but I'm enjoying it so far.  It's a little crunchy for my preferences, but that's not too big a problem - you can blend this with something softer and less sweet and have a nice texture mix.

Couldn't really taste the strawberry Jam, but I guess that's more of the sweetness.

Overall a hit - and something that the kids might like as a change, but that's not going to alert them to the fact that it's a little healthier than most of the sugar cereals.

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