5 January 2023

yfood - This Is Food - Meal In A Bottle (not Prime) by @NLi10

Ah January - the media induced diet month. The media induced alcohol reduction month. Why not combine both by drinking your dinner instead! It’s not like you can drink Prime yet as it’s continually being targeted by scalpers still.

The boffins at yfood have come up with a wonderful meal alternative drink, that is essentially a turbo shake with all the bits in you need for a day.

Although - do I want food that has been engineered?

At least it’s in Germany so you know that it won’t break down as often - and look at all those bullet points!

I didn’t even know there were 26 vitamins and minerals - and now I’ve drunk them all! Lactose free is actually a nice bonus, most of these are just milkshakes - and no added sugar means that you won’t be over consuming. 

It also has percentages.

Lots of percentages.  Most of them seem to be targeting a quarter of your day worth of the things in question. This is great as it’s less likely you’ll hit problems if you drank both of these in one day.

As far as the drink itself goes, it’s not too lumpy and has a great flavour. I don’t think I had a favourite of the two which goes to show it’s a decent vanilla as usually the red ones are clearly the best. And - more importantly I’d say I snacked less than on a normal lunch ration - although as usual I craved some chewy carbs (biscuits on standby).

For a fairly new brand that I’ve only seen around a few times it really does hold it’s own - and while I don’t see myself buying this daily it’s a nice back-up for when it’s too rainy (or busy) to pop out for lunch. Well worth a try as part of a new year, new year plan - if not just for the insta selfies with the cool bottles.

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