27 June 2011

Orange Rice Krispies Squares [Limited Edition] (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

I do try and keep track of all the new products that are coming out, but even so occasionally some just seem to appear with no announcement. This new product from Rice Krispies Squares were a bit like that, I almost accidentally overlooked them on the shelf. As I picked them up to put them in trolley, Spectre pointed out to me that they aren’t actually square... which is a fair point, but won’t put me off snacking on them.
Once opened they look almost identical to the regular milk chocolate Rice Krispies Squares, but there is a distinctive citrus aroma that gives them away. There is no mistaking the orange blast of flavour in the taste, it is lovely and strong and works remarkably well with the chocolate tones.
Rice Krispies Squares are a fun snack, made with rice krispies, chocolate, and sticky mallow. They are lovely for lunch boxes, and are a treat that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. This new Limited Edition orange variety is no exception. The orange flavour is packed into the milk chocolate pieces decorating the bar. The bar is lovely and zesty, and the orange manages to balance some of the super sweet flavours you’d expect with Rice Krispies Squares. I actually found that the taste worked so well that this ought to part of their permanent range. At the very least is an excellent Summer edition, and well worth checking out.
By Cinabar


  1. They sound lovely - will def give them a try!

  2. Why does Europe have all the good stuff?

  3. S.Emerald - I just checked, couldn't see vitamin C mentioned on the pack - but they are fortified with B vitamins and iron.

    LPATRI11 - let me know what you think when you find them. :-)

  4. I just won some for doing nothing on the Rice Krispie Squares facebook page (Discontinued now but I still recommend liking the page to see more competitions) and they are quite strange but I like the taste.

  5. i heard that this item has pork in them is it true?

  6. i want to know if they have pork in this choc bar.

  7. You can find the ingredients here: http://www.kelloggs.co.uk/products/RiceKrispiesSquare/Bar/totally_chocolatey_orange.aspx

    But YES it does include pork gelatine.

  8. Found and loved this. It's odd how they get the texture of marshmallows, but this may be why they add gelatine.


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