3 April 2012

Tango Chocolate [Demolition Bars] [By @Cinabar]

Well I never, Tango in a chocolate bar. Orange and chocolate works really well together, I just never associated the brand to develop its products in this way. To be honest I can’t claim to have found this bar myself that honour goes to the lovely DavidH who was kind enough to send me one to try too. I believe it was discovered in a pound shop, and it isn’t one I’ve seen on the high street.
The chocolate bar has a layer of milk chocolate bubbles which form the base, and on top of that is a tangy orange layer, complete with a hint of popping candy to really put the fizz in. Impressively you can smell the orange through the wrapper, but you’d expect no less from a company such as Tango. It’s not known for its subtle products!
The bar is surprisingly soft, and very fruity. The softness is partially put down to the bubbles, but also the milk chocolate seems heavy on the cream flavour and is rather milky too. The orange taste varies impressively with each bite, ranging from a fragrant warm orange to a super zingy hit. I like that, and felt it made the bar more interesting. The popping candy was quite mild, and added a pleasing gently tingle, rather than head explosive popping!
In short, it’s a fab bar. I love the way they have teamed chocolate and the popular drink together, incorporating both bubbles and fizz, it’s such a neat idea. The packaging and branding matches the designs on the drinks bottle, which is bright and stands out nicely. After their Tango Turbo nitro foam, and now this chocolate bar I think the company is really branching out. Tango is such a crazy brand, so it is certainly a company to keep an eye on. If you are lucky enough to see these bars for sale they are well worth picking up. I do hope they start getting sold in a few more mainstream shops too. They are so yummy it seems a shame that you have to hunt for them.
By Cinabar


  1. B&M stores always seem to have alot of these in stock!

  2. Nice with an aftermath of explosive tingles in the mouth . Not too heavy on chocolate either creating a good combination!

  3. I only brought a 3 pack of this earlier today from Poundland and I think Tango have done a brilliant job. These chocolate bars are so brilliant in taste and texture and I firmly believe Tango can extend themselves to be a rwal competitor if they push for it.

  4. oh my god chocolate heaven!! for anyone who loves the soft centres in a box of chocolates,, anyone who loves popping candy,, anyone who just loves chocolate.. this is one to die for,, !! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..

  5. Apparently they are releasing tango liquorice later in the spring!

  6. Where are the bars made and by which company?

  7. I'm not sure where they are based, but the manufacturer is a company called Zetar.


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