29 November 2010

Soreen Banana Fruit Loaf (Waitrose)

Sorren Fruit Malt Loaf is a childhood favourite of mine. Finding a slice of buttered Malt Loaf in my lunch box as a kid was always a lovely treat. When I saw that there was a new edition on the shelves, I snapped up a pack.
As you would expect the loaf is lighter in colour than the regular Malt Loaf. There certainly are a lot less raisins and dark fruit, but the pieces of banana are clearly visible. Texture wise it is very similar to the regular loaf, which is soft, moist and sticky in consistency. It is quite difficult to cut as the whole item squishes as the knife enters, and you sort of have to gently pull it back to shape so that you are able to add butter.
The flavour is a little surprising. Banana is a strong taste; just ask any banana hater, they can usually spot the flavour of just once slice mixed in a full pint of fruit smoothie. This loaf on the other hand had plenty of visible banana, but the mildest of banana flavour. Really there was a just the gentlest hint the rest of the flavour was a sweet fruity taste, and it was difficult to specify the exact fruit. It was remarkably similar to the regular Malt Loaf, despite lacking the raisins. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my slice, I just had been expecting a major banana taste explosion, and instead got a banana dud.
The flavour was so mild I’m still toying with feeding an unsuspecting Spectre (chief banana hater) a slice to see if he notices... I do have a bit of a wicked side!


Amy said...

oh nom nom nom, this looks good (minus the butter).
So there are no pesky raisins hiding in this bread?
looks gooooood :)

cinabar said...

yes, but I'd have liked a stronger banana taste with it too. Nice though. :-)

Kavey said...

Oh. My. God.


cinabar said...

LEet me know what you think of it, if you do give it a try. :-)

George said...

I tried it with peanut butter!delicious!It instantly became my favourite, nutritious and -who cares -high calorific snack!I wish I could get that in Greece where I'll move next year.BTW I like the mild taste of banana.

cinabar said...

Having it with peanut butter sounds genius, must give that atry ;-)