11 January 2011

Aero Bubbly Lamb [and other Easter bits] (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

Happy Easter Everyone!!! Oh, wait – it’s January.
The New Year hasn’t stopped the confectionary company jumping on to the next major holiday. The second the Christmas chocolates are packed away, the Easter ones appear. I do find it a little bit strange that there isn’t much of a Valentines bandwagon in the UK, but I guess Easter is big business. Has anyone seen any full size Easter Eggs yet?
Aero has to win the cute award with their new chocolate Easter lamb. It’s a sweet pocket money treat, ideal for a quick chocolate fix. Admittedly it is just Aero milk chocolate (no fancy new flavourings) moulded into a nice shape, but it is hard not smile when you open the pack. It is also rather nice to find something ‘new’ as the other themed Easter chocolates I’ve seen are all things that were out last year. Don’t get me wrong I’m pleased such things as Caramel Bunnies have been re-released, and the Creme Eggs Minis are back as I’m a big fan. Nothing beats a new product though, and I always hope to find something a bit different when the new season looms.
While I’m mentioning Aero I would also like to tell you that Aero have further plans for the year ahead, including Aero Caramel coming out soon, and they are re-releasing Aero Orange too! Of course – if you were a Foodstuff Finds email newsletter subscriber you would already know this...
By Cinabar


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Anne said...

I already found Creme Eggs being sold in January insane last year (seeing the adds for it on the busses just totally took my by surprise when I came back from Germany on 2nd January....). I knew it would be the same this year but seeing Creme Eggs and Caramel Bunnies a few metres away from the remaining Christmas goodies still is bizarre!

And totally agree, Aero wins the award for cuteness! However, am not a huge fan of Aero chocolate. But as I collect sheep I have to buy one just to keep it (still have the Thornton lamb from last year...). And I am sure my little niece and nephew might like one.

cinabar said...

Anne - it is a little bit early for Easter, especially as I think it is quite late this year! Having said, I'm not complaining about there being anything new on the shelves. I hope your niece and nephew like the lambs! :-)

Dreich said...

I had a couple of the lambs they were okay but Malteaster bunnies are better.

Dreich said...

Oh and I was working at Asda over Christmas and the creme egg stuff came in even before the new year, it's as Anne said, insane.

cinabar said...

All the large eggs are in store now too, and Easter is quite late this year.