27 May 2011

Weight Watchers: Chocolate Biscuits / Caramel Wafers [By @cinabar]

Not everything that we snack on here at Foodstuff Finds has to be unhealthy, and if you are looking for a lighter treat I thought I’d check out a couple of the options from Weight Watchers.
From time to time I do feel the need to counter all the goodies I eat and have a bit of a health kick and take something a bit better for me in my lunch box. ;-)

Caramel Wafers
This is a bar of caramel and wafer, all coated in chocolate and then individually wrapped. They seem to be sized suitably i.e. smaller than a regular chocolate bar, but bigger than an aero biscuit! They feel rather more filling because the layers are packed tightly and the bar is quite firm. The chocolate is milky and sweet, and the chocolate flavour shines through. I really liked the mix of textures in this bar, and the satisfying feeling of biting in with the layers crunching away. The caramel adds a nice sweetness and aftertaste of brown sugar, and the bar totally satisfied my chocolate craving. It was just 78 calories too, which is pretty impressive.

Chocolate Biscuits
These biscuits consist of a chocolate biscuit base coated in rippled Belgian milk chocolate. The base is very crunchy, with lots of texture, and a really good baked flavour. Again the firmness of the bar made it feel quite satisfying. The chocolate coating is fairly thick and creamy, and also provides a decent hit of cocoa too. Combining this chocolate taste with the inner biscuit and the flavours really do come together. This chocolate biscuit is perfect for a guilt free treat with an afternoon cup of coffee, and for those counting it has just 89 calories.
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

ooh its good these can be tasty and still low calorie, a perfect afternoon treat!

cinabar said...

Yeah, sometimes you just need a guilt free choccie treat. ;-)