7 October 2011

Seabrooks Hot & Spicy: 2 Chilli - Jalapeno & Habanero (WH Smiths, M18 Service Station) [By @Cinabar]

I am really pleased to see a new flavour of crisps from Seabrook and even happier that it turns out to be one that contains salt, after one of their last efforts – Jacket Potato Crisps. This new variety is in their hot and spicy range and has a worrying 3 out 3 on the hot rating! To make matters potentially worse, they are crinkle cut to ensure maximum flavour delivery.
The crisps look innocent enough, but I can confirm they pack a mighty punch. The heat is good and strong, and leaves the tongue tingling pleasantly. They are by no means inedible, but do deliver more heat than a lot of ‘hot’ crisps I’ve tried before. The flavour is really clever too, along with the chilli pepper taste there is a moreish mix of lemon and garlic, which makes the flavour really interesting. The coating reminded me of the coating you get on a lot of ‘authentic’ chilli coated nuts, as there was a hint of other herbs and spices too.
I absolutely loved the crisps, the depth of flavour was amazing, the heat really satisfying and the whole bag was ridiculously moreish. This is what Seabrooks is about, and when they put their mind to it, they can create some truly amazing flavours. I am desperately hoping that I can find these somewhere other than the deep depths of a random motorway service station, because I desperately want another pack. While I was at the services I also picked up a bag of Seabrook’s Desi Curry, which I now can’t wait to try! I’ll be writing about them very soon. :-)
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

I love it when you find different foods at service stations, so exciting hehe!

Hello Kitty Forever said...

That looks sooooo good. I love hot and spicy snacks....

I have gotta start looking around for this.

cinabar said...

I must find some of these too... can't travel on the motorway just for these - but they were SO good,so maybe it is worth it! :-D