31 May 2013

Aero Flavour Challenge – Sugar Topped Golden Syrup Porridge Chocolate

Aero got in touch with me about flavour pairing and asked if we at Foodstuff Finds would like to try and come up with some ideas for some new combinations. I had a bit of a think about the kind of flavours you could mix together from some crazy ideas like chocolate and smoked paprika, through to the more mundane but essentially nothing really stood out for me. Somebody at work suggested chocolate dipper Flaming Hot Monster Munch, but I wasn’t so sure! Over a meal out I asked my family if they had any thoughts on flavour combinations and without a moment’s hesitation my eldest niece said they should make Golden Syrup Aero Bubbles. A clear moment of genius.
Once I got home I started to think about how to combine golden syrup with chocolate and couldn’t really think of a good way of doing it. I realised that the minute you add a sticky liquid substance to chocolate it would all be a bit wet. After having a look through the store cupboard I spotted some porridge oats, and behold a crazy idea popped in my head:

Sugar Topped Golden Syrup Porridge Chocolate (what a catchy name) ;-)


75g porridge oats
Water – tablespoon (or so)
Golden Syrup – tablespoon
Aero milk chocolate large bar
Sugar Crystals (enough to decorate)

Melt the chocolate carefully, I used the microwave on a low setting, but a bain-marie works equally well. Add about a third of the porridge oats and work those into the melted chocolate, then add the golden syrup.

Once this is mixed in add the rest of the porridge oats and stir until it is well mixed. Add a little water, to help loosen the mixture, mine needed about a tablespoon.
In a mould, sprinkle half the sugar crystals in the base. On top of this pour on top the chocolaty mixture and allow it to set over night. The finished product doesn’t fully set, but make sure you give it enough time to do the best it can!

Carefully ease the substance from the mould, and press the rest of the sugar crystals into the top to serve.

This stuff actually has the consistency of fudge, which was a rather nice surprise! It’s very sweet, but the golden syrup flavour really makes it. My sweet tooth knows no limits! The addition of the porridge oats seemed to work wonders with the texture, and the pieces did sort of melt in the mouth. They weren’t sticky, just soft and quite clean to eat. This shouldn’t have worked as well as it did, as I was winging it, but the success was a lovely surprise! One thing is for sure, golden syrup and chocolate go together. I’d love it if the next limited edition Aero Bubbles were golden syrup flavoured!
By Cinabar


Danielle said...

I think a honeycomb flavour might be nice :D with either honeycomb bits or a flavoured inside like the mint one!

Or like raspberry maybe?

cinabar said...

I like the sound of honeycomb, but could imagine raspberry really working... perfect for the summer too!

Kevs Snack Reviews said...

I think they should try something a bit daring like passionfruit or lime!

Kev A said...

Do you know if Nestle are actually going to do a new Aero Bubbles flavour?

cinabar said...

Not sure, if they are they are obviously only at the early stages, testing the water.

Unknown said...