24 August 2018

New Oreo Joy Fills (Sainsbury’s) By @Cinabar

The latest addition to the grab bag market are from Oreo and are called Oreo Joy Fills. I have to be careful at this point not to say that the contents are chocolates or biscuits because they are actually something different, not your usual grab bag contents at all. Inside the bag are quite a few dark wheat shells which are filled with Oreo style white “stuff” filling. They are not quite as filled as the image on the pack made me think they would be. I also have to be careful not to say breakfast cereal, which is the closest thing I could think of to describe them. The pillow shaped shells are quite dark and aren’t speckled with white as much as the packaging implied either, but they are filled with some white crème.

I gave one a try, and checked the back of the pack, no I’m definitely not supposed to add milk but they do taste like a breakfast cereal. These remind me of eating cereal straight from the box when I was kid, it was a naughty snack, and usually meant we had run out of crisps. I was finding it hard to put away thoughts of breakfast, but I did actually like these New Oreo Joy Fills. The shell is crunchy, and the centre very light and soft, they deliver a pleasing bite of chocolate flavour and crunchy mix of textures. They are a little too easy to eat though, and although there aren’t that many calories in a portion, the speed I found myself munching through them I soon realised my sugar intake was beginning to grow.
I like the flavour of these chocolatey bites, but I’m not sure they were that much like Oreos, except for the sweet white filling. They were missing the distinctive Oreo biscuit taste, as nice as they are, it felt a little like they had missed the mark. I do have a second bag of these, which are based on Cadbury chocolate which I will write about soon. In the meantime can I just say if these were a breakfast cereal Oreo Joy Fills really would be the best! ;-)

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these look like cat treats