3 April 2020

Muller Light Key Lime Pie Flavour Yoghurt (Asda) By @cinabar

Muller Light Key Lime Pie Flavour Yoghurt

Surprisingly when I did my Asda order there were a decent selection of interesting yoghurts available, and I was pleased to even find these Muller Light Key Lime Pie Flavour ones I hadn’t tried before. I love Key Lime Pie, as I am a big fan of citrus flavours. It is like a lime version of lemon meringue pie. Key Lime Pie is my first choice of dessert in American themed restaurants too, although it is more difficult to find the real thing in most restaurants.
The yoghurt is both fat free and sugar free which is impressive. I, like many others, am less active at the minute due to the Covid-19 lockdown. I am going out for a walk each day, but my watch is telling me quite clearly my step count has significantly reduced even so. It is nice then to find something a bit healthier that is still sweet and tasty.

Muller Light Key Lime Pie Flavour Yoghurt

I peeled back the lid and hadn’t quite been expecting the yoghurt to be pale green in colour. Pale green is not an appetising colour for a food substance, and it seems particularly wrong when it comes to yoghurt for some reason. The flavour though was lovely. I could pick up on the sweet lime flavour, but also there was a wonderful creamy aftertaste like pastry (or biscuit), this gave the yoghurt the proper feel of a Key Lime Pie. The texture was thick and creamy too. Think these Muller Light Key Lime Pie Flavour Yoghurts are going to be a nice refreshing treat for the warmer weather. When all of this lockdown is over it is worth looking out for Key Lime Pie in restaurants, but in the mean time these get the thumbs up as nice treat.


Unknown said...

Doesn't taste anything like key lime pie 🤔

cinabar said...

When did you try them? They were a limited edition 18 months ago?