6 February 2010

Kellogg’s Dark Chocolate and Almond Fibre Plus Bar (Waitrose)

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this product. Items that claim to have added fibre, make me end up thinking that they are going to be stodgy or lacking taste.
I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried these then. I thought that the bar had a lovely flavour, not very sweet, but full of rich cocoa tones and a good underlying nutty flavour. What I liked best about this bar was the consistency. It was firm, but the mixed texture from the grains and nuts made it feel nice to eat.
I have to say the added fibre meant that I didn’t feel particularly hungry until lunch time, which is quite impressive as this is all I had for my breakfast. There is a strange warning on the packet about increasing your fibre intake gradually... so, err you ‘stay regular’... just don’t eat too many on day one! ;-)


  1. Great blog! Keep up the reviews :)

  2. I bought these yesterday, and felt obliged to try them after reading your blog! Actually I prefer the milk chocolate version - have you tried them as well?

  3. Thanks, I appreciate the nice comments. :-)

    I haven't tried the milk choc ones yet, but they are now on my list of things to find! ;-)

  4. They were on special offer at my local Morrisons, so I thought I'd try a pack of each :)

  5. y fave is NATURE VALLEY's peanut butter granola bar! +)

  6. I don't like the advert. I saw them in my newsagents and thought I would try one, not expecting much, but I really like the milk chocolate ones. Not dry and over-sweet like some cereal bars.

  7. pinkcookies - did you say peanut butter granola bar??? I must track this down - it sounds fab... I love peanut butter!

    Anon - I too hate the advert, so artificial, it make me cringe. The bars are good though, so I forgive them.


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