23 February 2010

Dairy Milk - Toffee Apple “Bar of Plenty” [Cadbury]

I just wanted to say a thank you to the nice people at Cadbury’s for sending me some samples of their new bars. I have now also started to see adverts for them in magazines etc, so I suspect they will become a bit more wildly available shortly. Keep your eyes peeled.
The bars are a new range called “Bar of Plenty” and consist of Dairy Milk generously filled with added goodies.
First up we have Toffee Apple, and sure enough when I opened back the wrapper I had a wonderful aroma of apple followed by a hint of cinnamon. Now I want to make a comment about cinnamon, I do rather like the spice, but I felt it was inappropriate in trying to recreate a Toffee Apple flavour. Toffee Apples do not contain cinnamon, apple pie might well do, but this bar is not apple pie flavoured. I’m not for a minute trying to say the cinnamon taste doesn’t work with apple, because it does work even in this bar, I just don’t see a place for it in this context.
Moving on, and the chocolate itself has a mix of crunchy toffee pieces and apple bits. I liked the toffee, as the chunks were quite big and shattered easily when bitten. The apple was fruity, cinnamon infused and tasty, but I thought the pieces were a little chewy. I liked how the fruit and toffee were mixed into the chocolate, meaning every bite is slightly different, and the flavours were pleasant, but the toffee made the bar sweet and the cinnamon seemed out of place.
In summary though, if you like your cinnamon and apple flavours you really ought to give this a try. It seems a shame that Cadburys didn’t releases this back in November though, as I tend to associate Toffee Apples with Bonfire night... or is that just me?
I’m looking forward to trying the other new bars too. So nice to see some bars that are a little bit different on the market.

Other bars to follow:
  • Berry Fruit and Vanilla Shortcake
  • Roast Hazelnut & Honey Roast Cashews

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Anonymous said...

I want to try these new cadburys bars but have yet to spot them anywhere in the shops. I love apple and cinnamon so I think i'd like this one the most. Definitely think it should have been released around Bonfire Night though.. :]