4 February 2010

Werthers Original Chocolate Milk (Waitrose)

This flavour is the other new variety of Werthers that has recently become available, it is very similar in its packaging to the Caramel sweets I wrote about a couple of days ago. Unlike them they don’t have a filling as such, instead each chocolate is marbled with a creamy milky solid fondant.
I thought the chocolates were presented nicely and that the marbled effect made them look quite pretty. Each item is easy to bite into and not at all hard like a toffee. I really enjoyed the flavour of these, and felt that I could pick up on the nutty alpine tones within the chocolate. The flavour that is with the chocolate is creamy and tastes mildly of toffee, it is very pleasant and not overly sweet. As per the caramel variety it would have been nice to have a bit more of the golden Werthers flavour which we associate with their hard boiled sweets, but all in all I thoroughly enjoyed these chocolates.

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