19 February 2010

Fridge Raiders Mexican Chilli (Morrison’s)

A few months back I had a post about my discovery of Fridge Raiders, where I tried a good selection of the flavours. Today while shopping a shiny label caught my eye on one of their packets. To be honest this isn’t a new flavour as such but an improved hotter recipe, either way I couldn’t resist!
Well I have to say that the flavour of these really snuck up on me. I bit in, and the first thing you notice is the juicy moist chicken, and the flavour of roast chicken, followed by a medley of interesting spices such as paprika etc. I was just thinking that they weren’t at all hot, when this strange warmth came from nowhere and a small amount of chilli heated my mouth, this gradually developed into a decent burn, and was really tasty. They are right this is very much a ‘hot’ recipe and they have a proper chilli kick, even if they do lull you into a false sense of security for a minute or so! Well worth seeking out!

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried Wicked Pig? It's a new pork snack that sits next to Fridge Raiders in teh chiller cabinets. I've only seen it the product in Tesco so far. the difference is these can also be eaten hot from the microwave - try the Firecracker Chilli version if you like your snacks with a bit of a kick