8 February 2010

Galaxy Bubbles [New] (Local Newsagent)

I think Galaxy may well have spotted the success of Wispa and thought that they would have a go at aerated chocolate themselves. This bar is a standard Galaxy bar in size, making up five pieces within the pack. The edges of the wrapper are tipped in baby pink. Using the obvious stereotypical colourings, I suspect this is aimed at the female market, but to be honest I know of two guys that have tried it and didn’t even notice the pink colour.
The chocolate itself if the usual silky, smooth, rich, sweet and creamy galaxy chocolate. I do like Galaxy chocolate, so I have no complaints in terms of flavour of this bar. However I did think that the chunks are a little too thin. One of the most pleasurable things about eating aerated chocolate is that it feels really chunky, but it actually very smooth to eat. As the pieces of the Galaxy Bubbles bar were quite thin, I didn’t feel that it maximised it's potential for the bubbly texture. Still the added air reduces the calorie content, so does make for a healthier ‘portion controlled’ snack!


Paulham said...

Waxy, block of lard.
Nuff said.

cinabar said...

LOL - not a fan then! :-D

Anonymous said...

Aero's are better

cinabar said...

Wispa's are aces!!