3 February 2010

Choc On Choc: Chocolate Eggs Gift Set (Waitrose)

I think this is my first official proper Easter write up. These chocolates are so pretty in the box, and yet again I wish that my photography skills could do them justice. You can just about tell from the picture, but not only is each one hand painted, it is also dusted with edible glitter. They are just so cute!
Each chocolate consists of a half egg, on a white chocolate base. To be honest when I first bit in I was expecting some sort of praline filling, but they were so tough to bite I soon discovered that they were actually solid chocolate! There are two varieties in the pack, a dark chocolate half egg on a white base, and a white chocolate (coloured pink) egg on a white base. The dark chocolate is very flavoursome, with lovely dark rich cocoa tones mellowed by the creamy base. The pink eggs, and sweet and creamy, and you can tell that they are of a very good quality with a nicely defined cocoa butter flavour.
This is an absolutely beautiful selection of chocolates. They are so pretty, you actually feel a little guilty eating them. The chocolate is of a good quality too, so I can’t see how anyone would be disappointed to receive them as a gift, they are just lovely.


Richard said...

Blimey, solid chocolate? I'd have been expecting praline or somesuch too!

They look really lovely!

cinabar said...

They were lovely... would make a nice gift, just need to make sure you bite in carefully to start, they take a bit of breaking!