2 February 2010

Werthers Original Chocolate Caramel (Waitrose)

It is difficult not to simply associate Werthers with rather rich sweet hard toffees. I do like them, but finding that they had released a selection of chocolates was a bit of a surprise.
These chocolates are individually wrapped milk chocolate filled with a liquid caramel.
The coating is quite soft and breaks easily, but having said that it does have a nice nutty taste with the cocoa and does deliver a pleasant chocolate flavour. The contents is a rich golden thick but runny liquid caramel. The centre is tasty, and sweet, but isn’t quite as creamy tasting as the usual Werthers Originals, which was a bit of a shame.
Having said that, each chocolate produces a very pleasant sweet caramel and chocolate hit, it doesn’t last long in the mouth and leaves you immediately wanting another, so it is far from being bad! It just would have been nice to pick up on that expected Werthers flavour a little more.

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