15 February 2010

Snickers Pods (Cybercandy)

I first tried the Twix version of these ‘Pods’ back last October, and have finally managed to track down this Snickers variety.
Essentially this product consists of a cone of biscuit, not dissimilar to wafer from a Cornetto cone, then filled with the ingredients of a Snickers bar.
The base of this product is lovely, crunchy but with rich tones of flavour. Immediately the peanut flavour from the Snickers bar then hits you, and the warm flavour from the caramel and chocolate. What is so pleasing about this product is that it is so noticeably a Snickers bar, and as regular readers are aware anything with peanut flavour is a complete bonus to me. Each item is bite sized and tastes lovely, but because it disappears so quickly in the mouth, you find yourself reaching for another, then another. Let’s just say it is rather easy to eat multiple! Yum!


krnries said...

I tried the Twix Pods today, and thought they were perfect. I will have to look out for the Snickers version. I can imagine them to be even better!

Richard said...

These look *good*. I don't think you can get them out here, though. :(

Are they at all like Toffifees?

cinabar said...

Krnries - I like the peanut in the Snickers ones, but the Twix ones are also ace.

Richard - The base it crunchy rather than soft, and you don't have to fight to get them out of the packet either. Sadly it seems with the exception of import stores, these items are near impossible to find outside of Australia.