26 February 2010

Sweet Peri-Peri Chilli Sauce (Nando's)

I just wanted to start by saying a big thank you to those lovely people at Nando's for sending me this new sauce to try.
The bottle claims that it is a very versatile sauce, and even works well with mash. This led me to trying it with fish cakes and mash potato, not the most natural of combinations but it seemed the best way to test the sauce.
I really liked the smell of this sauce, rich red pepper and a rich sweetness. The flavour of it very well put together too. The sauce is sweet, full of the flavour of red bell peppers, and has a good warmth from the chilli. It complements the fish cakes perfectly, and its bright red colour means it looks attractive too. I thought it worked well with the mash too, adding flavour and a lovely kick. Spectre is a complete convert to mash and this sauce, and I think this bottle will be brought out of the cupboard as standard with mash potato. Those who prefer to try it with more traditional fishcakes, or as a dip for nibbles, I can confirm the spice is level is perfect, the flavour full and the sauce rather moreish.

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