25 February 2010

Dairy Milk - Berry Fruit and Vanilla Shortcake “Bar of Plenty” [Cadbury]

This is the third and last of the new variety of Bar of Plenty bars. This one is filled with berries and biscuit pieces, which sounds like a rather good combination. Opening the pack, and the aroma wasn’t particularly different to regular Dairy Milk, except for a very slight sweet sharper smell which was only just noticeable.
Looking at the back of bar there seemed to be quite a few biscuit pieces mixed in, and not much in the way of berries. I don’t know if I just got an unlucky bar, but there was an awful lot of small round chunks of biscuit bits and not much fruit.
Tucking in the bar was crunchy from the vanilla biscuit which was rather tasty, but the fruit wasn’t very perceptible. I certainly couldn’t pick up on the rather lovely looking selection of strawberries, cranberries etc shown on the wrapper. Those pieces that did contain fruit were sweet, a little chewy and slightly sharp but I couldn’t pick out the specific fruit flavours.
In principle I think this bar has a lot of potential, and I am willing to believe I perhaps just got a poorly mixed combination. If anyone else has tried this and could spot all the wonderful zesty fruit flavours, do leave a comment below.

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