11 February 2010

Munchies Mini Bites (Sainsbury’s)

This box of Munchies were found in the cake section of the supermarket, so it won’t surprise you to hear that I thought that they may have some sponge cake in them, but they do not. I was also a little confused by the name. Regular Munchies are around a centimetre big, and these items are nearer four centimetres, and yet they are called ‘mini’ bites... I don’t get it! Munchies Giant Bites would have worked better!
The base of these consists of solid chocolate with biscuit chunks set into it, this makes each item quite hard to bite, but does still give the expected Munchies flavour. The caramel also has the rich tones from the original confectionary, and the milk chocolate adds sweetness and brings it all together. I rather enjoyed them, but am still confused by the word ‘mini’ in the name! ;-)


Emily said...

arently, they do a toffee crisp version as well?!

cinabar said...

Yes they do! Have a look here for a review: http://www.chocolatemission.net/2009/10/october-24th-nestle-toffee-crisp-mini.html