22 February 2010

Bonne Maman: Galettes Chocolat [Chocolate Butter Crunch Biscuits] (Waitrose)

Following on from the Crunchy Chocolate Twists last week, I have also discovered another new (chocolate) biscuit in the Bonne Maman range.
These biscuits come in a more traditional box, inside which are segments of stacked biscuits just waiting to be tried. Each one is surprisingly thin and a little smaller than I expected as it is approximately two thirds the size of a digestive biscuit. The biscuits have one side coated in milk chocolate with a ripple effect on top.
Tucking in, the main flavour is very much butter, and they are quite rich, but the chocolate flavours then kick in to add contrast and clear the palette. These biscuits are rather flavoursome, with a good crunch and it would be hard to dislike them. The base of the biscuit is thinner, but similar in taste to butter shortbread. They may not be the most adventurous new product on the market, but there is no way to deny that they are a tasty treat.

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