20 February 2010

Suchard [Christmas Always Together] Navidades Siempre Juntos (The 99p Store)

Many thanks to DavidH who was spotted this bar, and let me know about it.
I would like to start by pointing out the obvious then, that there is a Father Christmas on the packaging. The sell by date though is well into 2011(!), so this leaves me with a question to which I do not have an answer. Is this from old 2009 Christmas stock with a ridiculously long best-before date, or is this a ludicrously early 2010 Christmas bar? Either way it’s is a bit hard to tell, and it is a strange find for February.
Let me get onto the bar. When I opened it, I found it very strangely packed, including an extra clear plastic tray that it was almost stuck too.

The Suchards logo was still visible in the chocolate, but this is one very soft bar.
I broke a piece off and the most overwhelming taste is pure sweetness, followed by hazelnut and then chocolate. There are rice crispies mixed in the bar, which do add texture, but apart from that it is very smooth and soft product.
This bar would probably be too sweet for most, but if the idea of eating Nutella out of a jar with a spoon appeals (and it does to me) then this may well be the bar for you.

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