17 February 2010

Bonne Maman: Crunchy Chocolate Twists (Waitrose)

The company famed for their red and white checked lid jams, now have biscuits in their range. Naturally I opted to try the ones with the most chocolate first!
These biscuits look a little like Twiglets in shape, but I’m happy to report they are sweet not savoury. The packet describes the shape as being twists, but to be pedantic they are more of a biscuit wiggle!
Each one consists of a vanilla flavoured lightly crunchy biscuit, coated in a cocoa rich chocolate. The main taste that comes thorough is very much the chocolate, which is not a bad thing! They are rather tasty and easy to eat; they’d be ideal for sharing with friends! It is just a shame the bag was a little hard to open, and after I had accidently torn it to pieces, it wasn’t exactly easy to re-seal. I went with the obvious solution to that problem... we rather enjoyed finishing them off, purely out of necessity you understand! ;-)

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