28 February 2010

{via @Nli10} Croatia Airways In Flight Meal, & EURO Jaffa Jagoda (Strawberry)

Recently I spent a week in Croatia on holiday and thought in the interests of the site I would check out the local snack foods and report on the most interesting ones.

First up on the main flight out from the UK to Zagreb we were served a rather unusual light lunch. I had thought it was in keeping with local foods, until I got to Croatia and discovered that the local foods were actually quite nice. First up we have a pasta salad with penne pasta and some kind of layered meat. The flavour of the pasta sauce wasn't bad being quite rich, but the meat tasted like it had been sterilised to prevent any bacteria getting onto the plane. The bread roll was quite nice, and I think the cottage cheese in the little pot may have been ok, but I don't tend to like that kind of thing so didn't even go as far as to pick the ham off it. The small pastry was an unusual flavour being somewhat nutty inside but was a bit dry. It was still easily the best part of the snack.

I'm quite happy to be woken up on plane journeys to be fed and given tea, but the majority of people on the flight didn't seem to eat much of this particular selection either. I do wonder whether the budget airlines idea of saving money by not giving you food and then charging for what you require would be better in some cases. I'd much rather just have a light snack and a nice drink. The flight back had better food, but one of the air stewards knocked my tea over my lap so on balance they were about as enjoyable.

They did however give out biscuits on all four flights but I will discuss those another day.

When wandering about on holiday it's nice to have something to munch on so from a local CONSUM store (the equivalent of a Tesco in size) I picked up some Jagoda (Strawberry) Jaffa cakes. Unusually for Jaffa style products these were a lot harder than our usual spongy variant and after they had been opened for a day a lot crispier. The flavour was unusual and not as sweet as the English version of artificial strawberry. While these were quite nice, some of the box made it home as they were not as moreish as our McVitties versions.

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