1 March 2010

Grabits Nice & Spicy Chicken on a Stick (Morrison’s)

Well I have tried a few of the Fridge Raiders products, but fancied trying something a little bit different. I have to say ‘chicken on a stick’ doesn’t sound as appetising as you may have imagined to me, but I was tempted in by the promise of spicy flavours.
I unpackaged the item, and I have to say, it didn’t look all that appetising to me either. I thought the product was ever so slightly unattractive to look at.
It markets itself as being less than 3% fat and marinated chicken. I was pleased to discover that the flavour was quite pleasing, I could taste chicken, and it was quite succulent. There was also a good hint of paprika and a bit of heat, that developed as I munched my way through the product and ended up being quite a reasonable burn. It was much tastier than I expected, and would be nice as a snack to keep in the fridge.

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