7 March 2010

{via @Nli10} MilkyWay Minute (red flavour), Juicy Fruits Crvena Naranca (Blood Orange?)

Dobar dan!

Recently I spent a week in Croatia on holiday and thought in the interests of the site I would check out the local snack foods and report on the most interesting ones.
This week covers a couple of snacks I picked up from a small shop in the old town part of the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. First up is the MilkyWay minute, which a quick Google tells me is actually quite a widespread snack. In Eastern Europe It's essentially a breakfast bar, with a hard biscuit base with protruding sides which are filled with a mix of yogurt and bits of fruit. These fruit parts seem to depend on the colour of the wrapper with apple and cinnamon being mentioned a lot, but being the red flavour this had either strawberries or raspberries in it. I'm not quite sure which as the wrapper did not make it home.
Like a lot of bars with dried fruit the flavours in this are really quite strong, and the yogurt and biscuit means that despite their small size (drink in picture was for scale) they are actually fairly filling. If they did these in the UK then I think I'd buy them for work breaks, and as we do get a lot of Eastern European foods popping up in 99p style shops it might be worth a hunt.

The drink, shown pictured from the walls of Dubrovnik, was a strong orange flavour leading me to think that the translation of the label is blood orange. I remember Orangina's version been mentioned on these very pages by Cinabar some time ago, and while I was a fan it wasn't something you could drink in large quantities. This was a lot smoother, and a welcome purchase as we did a lot of walking on the day I picked this up (although not as much as on the day we went to the top of the hill in the back of the picture)!
I think the fact that this was a blended drink from concentrate actually helped the flavour as it's a lot more refreshing experience and a lot more drinkable than some of the stronger tasting drinks over here. I saw a lot of adverts for similar drinks so I think that in Croatia it's probably one of the leading brands.

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