17 March 2010

Cadbury’s Mini Eggs [2010] (Sainsbury’s)

Okay so Mini Eggs are really by no means a new product, and I cannot lay claim to having never tried them before either. However consider this to be about the Mini Eggs released in 2010. I felt compelled to write this, after someone at work alerted me to the fact that Mini Eggs don’t taste ‘right’ this year.
I am well aware that Mini Eggs have never been filled with Dairy Milk chocolate, but I was curious to see what was meant by them tasting odd and not quite right. Firstly a bit of research shows that the calories per 100g has changed slightly since last year, which would confirm some sort of recipe change.
So, the verdict: I felt that these eggs tasted sweeter than last year, not as creamy and that the shell had a stronger flavour. This seemed to be the consensus from Twitter too (thanks to all those that replied)! I have to say I preferred last year’s recipe, but I did not find them in anyway offensive this year. As this seems to have caused some controversy, I would love second opinions on what you think of the Mini Eggs.


Unknown said...

Yo cin!! I just updated my review of Cadbury Mini Eggs (from two years ago!!! www.chocolatemission.net/2008/03/march-16th-cadburys-mini-eggs.html ) with a link through to your site. I totally agree about this tasting really sweet. I never thought they could make them even more sugary!


cinabar said...

I have a sweet tooth too, but they are quite strong!
Thanks for helping with the mini egg issue... really appreciate your thoughts and updated review! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hershey's purchased Cadbury last year. The flavor of the new eggs is closer to the flavor of Hershey's kisses. More than likely, they used the same chocolate to cut costs on production. I too was mighty disappointed this year in the mini eggs.

cinabar said...

Next Easter I will keep an eye out for other makes of mini eggs - and do a bit of a compare and contrast.

Anonymous said...

my friend stopped eating mini eggs becuase she doesnt like the new ones