23 March 2010

Glico Mikado White Chocolate (Sainsbury’s)

Yesterday I wrote about the addition to the Mikado biscuit range of dark chocolate, today I will tell you about the other new flavour; white chocolate.
The biscuit stick in all the Mikado products is exactly the same almost like a rich tea biscuit in flavour. However the white chocolate with the sweet biscuit does make for quite a rich over all taste. The chocolate is very sweet and creamy, and the flavour of this and the biscuit do go well together. I found myself happily enjoying and munching several. After that though I found the rich sweet flavour to be adequate on my taste buds, and I was quite happy to stop. I found the dark chocolate more difficult to put down, and out of the two new flavours dark wins out for me. This is not to say the white chocolate are bad, in fact they are another great addition to the range, and white chocolate fans will love them!


Nick said...

Will have to get some of these at the weekend. Haven't had Mikado in a while

cinabar said...

Do - so nice to see the new flavours. :-)