21 March 2010

{via @Nli10} Pocky Almond Crush Bitter & Ice Cream Desert Rolls (Day In Supermarket - Birmingham), 81% Edel-Bitter choc (Lidl)

Just a few quick notes about some of the empty boxes I have on my desk currently.

Almond Crush Pocky is quite common in Thailand and is one of the standard varieties reviewed before. This seems to be a cross between Men's Pocky (dark choc) and the normal Almond Pocky. To be honest I couldn't really tell the difference until I ate both side by side! While the choc is definitely different the flavour of the almonds overpowers this so it's not worth hunting for, but is still nice.
J. D. Gross make the chocolate bar featured. It's essentially the most bitter chocolate I've ever found, and tastes like it contains caffeine or similar powerful natural stimulants. I tend to eat it a square at a time (there are 8 squares to a bar & 3 bars in a pack) and really savour the taste, definitely not one to sit and eat a whole bar of!
The 'Crunchy Chocolate Wafer Roll (vanilla)' appears to be either Korean or Chinese in origin, but has no English on the box other than the import label. These are a very light snack and many can be eaten while working away. They taste exactly like you rolled up a thin wafer and filled the middle with vanilla ice-cream. I seem to remember there were multiple flavours so may hunt those down for future snacking.
by Nli10

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Jisoo said...

Hi, The 'Crunchy Chocolate Wafer Roll (vanilla)is not an Korean product, I am sure, but not from where.