8 March 2010

Cadbury’s Crunchie and Caramel Biscuits (Sainsbury’s)

These biscuits were in a strange place in my local Sainsbury’s, they were on a promotional stand, in the chocolate and sweet isle, and not in the biscuit section. I think perhaps the reference to Cadbury’s chocolate bars, confused whoever were putting these out, because they are undeniably biscuits.
The Caramel version consists of a layer of buttery shortbread biscuit, with a thick layer of runny caramel all coated in Cadbury’s chocolate. I loved that these biscuits contained proper caramel and that the chocolate proportions were generous. All the flavours went together really well, and made an absolutely fab biscuit.
The Crunchie biscuits were also good. The biscuit base on this variety was a rich golden coloured and was flavoured with cinder toffee. On top of this is a layer of Crunchie pieces, broken quite small, but a decent layer all the same, and again it is coated in Cadbury’s chocolate. The Crunchie biscuits were sweet and rich and the cinder toffee flavour was lovely and sweet and undeniably Crunchie. Another rather tasty biscuit in the range.
I thoroughly recommend both of these biscuits, it is hard to call it between them, but they both represent their chocolate bars perfectly, with lashings of flavour.


  1. I mustmustmust have those crunchie biscuits! Yum!

  2. I remember trying something like these from Cadbury also few years back here in the Philippines but they phased it out =(

    I hope they can have it here too.. I'm sure I'm gonna love it.. I like Crunchie!!!!

  3. Trust a Brother - she's little bad boys are off the hook!

    When I was in Australia in 2007 we got seriously hooked on Cadbury's Squiggle Tops (avaiable in Crunchie and Caramel), they were exactly the same as these, but with a lumpy bobbly top.

    My wife and I nearly shead a tear on finding these last week.

    Whoop whoop!!!

  4. It is so good to see some new biscuits on the shelves - yum :-)

  5. I too tasted these first in Australia in 2007, I was so thrilled when I saw them last week - I'm now trying to get everyone at work hooked on them so they stay on the shelves.

    They are just awesome biccies :)

  6. Well I'm hooked! I will think of you when I make my repeat purchases!

    Did you have the Turkish variety in Australia too?

  7. made by burtons biscuits, nothing to do with cadbury's...

  8. Well it is licensed by Cadbury - so has to meet their standards and brand. Fab biscuits though, so chocolatey.

  9. these biscuits look frickin amazing


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