25 March 2010

La Suisse Caffé (Italy)

These were actually brought back as a gift from Italy for my mum from a friend of hers. I, err, well to put it politely helped myself to a couple! They were just so lovely, it would have been rude not to write about them!
The bag doesn’t look particularly like an Easter gift, but inside the bad were foil wrapped mini eggs around 3cm tall. The chocolate is very dark and rich, and obviously of a very good quality. It is quite thick too, which adds to the flavour. The filling though is out this world. I know that they take coffee seriously on the continent, and when you try these chocolates it really shows. The truffle has such an amazing, strong, rich freshly brewed coffee taste, they are just perfect. The flavours are spot on, work together really well and deliver a wonderful coffee hit.
Coffee fans will adore these, I just hope the likes of Cybercandy and the other import stores start stocking them, they are yummy and equally as good as the famous Pocket Coffee made by Ferrero.

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