6 March 2010

Bacchus Belgian Raspberry Beer {via Spectre} (Sainsbury's)

Generally when anyone mentions raspberries to me, the first thing that crosses my mind is fart gags. Like most people, I'm not a fan of traffic wardens and have been caught on several occasions blowing raspberries at them in the street. I can also entertain myself for hours blowing a diverse range of noises on Cinabar's tummy! I do like raspberries. Well, artificially enhanced things that taste like raspberries (example: raspberry ripple ice cream... er... that's about it). Oh, oh... I like raspberry jam! And as far as I know, that has raspberries in it somewhere. I also like beer. Though mixing the two together seems like violating some unwritten code. Raspberry beer doesn't sound like a manly drink, sorry to sound sexist, but hey, I prefer my beer to have some bite at the back of my throat. Don't get me wrong, raspberry beer sounds like a good idea in principle. It might make a good pudding beer to have with something sweet, such as ice cream, cake or chocolate, or especially if you're having the missus for dessert... At the ultimate least, if you drink tonnes of the stuff then it might taste great on the way back up! With all this in mind, as well as my previous episodes with odd flavoured ales (see *bane of banana beer* and *cherry beer catastrophe*), I unwrapped and popped open the bottle. Although it was the same reddish colour as the cherry beer, no overpowering aroma of berries blasted me off my feet. I took a tentative sip and was surprised at how sweet, but not unpleasant this beverage was. I drank a little more of this beery berry wine, and although I couldn't quite tell that it was specifically raspberry flavoured, I found it strangely moreish. Was I finally getting in touch with my feminine side? Whilst humming the theme tune to Friends and after some strange looks from Cinabar, I tore open a bag of Nando's HOT flavoured crisps in an effort to blunt the syrupy taste and kill the camp feeling. I was surprised to find that they went rather well together. The hot spices complimented the sweet tasting beverage and I suddenly noticed both beer and crisps had gone. Although I don't think I'd dash out to buy another, at least I can say I marginally enjoyed drinking a fruit flavoured beer for a change. I just have to learn to steer Cinabar away from the new / weird flavoured beer section in the supermarket...


  1. Brother's Strawberry Cider is a pleasure to drink.

  2. Maybe I'll give it a go, but I've never been much of a cider drinker. Having said that, I've been meaning to have a taste of Pear Cider for a while now.


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